Where is my order?

Have you checked your tracking email? We send you a tracking email from Electric Tobacconist®. If you have not seen it, it may be in your spam filter. If not, it will be in your inbox and will contain your tracking update.

Not received your order?

If your order has not arrived within 7 business days of dispatch

Check the email account your Electric Tobacconist® account is registered with. We will have sent you an email confirming that your delivery has been shipped, and this includes a link to a tracking page. This is the best source of information and will provide you with a planned delivery date. You will get this email on shipping days (Monday - Friday), and you will receive this around 5pm when USPS collects from our warehouse. The tracking will update every time your package is scanned by USPS. Please note they sometimes miss a scan, so don't be concerned if this is the case, and check back again in 12 hours. Your tracking page will include an expected delivery date.  

If you have not received any emails, please check that your details are correct in your online account with Electric Tobacconist by logging in hereIf your email address was correct and you have not received any updates, contact the customer care team by submitting a ticket using the link at the bottom of this page. We will check on the progress of your delivery and get in contact with you. 

Within office hours we will always do our best to get back to you within a couple hours. Out of office hours, it's best to email us, and we still aim to get back to you within 15 hours. 

If your order has still not arrived 10 business days after ordering

1. First, check the delivery address you were given on your Order Confirmation email. This is the shipping address you will have given us, and it is the main cause of customers believing their orders have yet to arrive (i.e., the order has been sent to a different address than the one the customer was expecting). 

2. Please note we use discreetly packaged, usually plain white envelopes, so it may, in fact, have arrived without you noticing! 

3. If you've checked points 1 and 2, and 10 business days have passed, please submit a help ticket using the link at the bottom of this page in order to let us know, and we will get the issue sorted as a matter of urgency. We dispatch fast and after that, it's in the hands of USPS, but 10 business days is too long for anyone to wait for their vaping products. 

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