My battery will not hold a charge

Most vape products are rechargeable lithium ion batteries, and much like a mobile phone or a laptop, where they are charged very often, this simply depletes the battery to a point where it will no longer function as well as it did when you first purchased it. You'll likely find that it won't suddenly stop working, but will rather run out of power quicker than usual. However, unlike mobile phone batteries, the type used in e-cigarettes are very "high-drain" and typically have a shorter lifespan. There isn't currently a battery you can buy that will be guaranteed to last longer in terms of power, as the technology isn't here yet - as in there isn't a battery that doesn't slowly deplete with continued use. This is why smartphones have a notoriously bad battery life, to a point where sometimes they need to be charged multiple times a day.

We recommend changing your battery every 2-3 months.

Please check the warranty for the product you have bought and we may still be able to replace it. This can be found on the "Product FAQs" section of the product page. Please note: Our warranties do not cover general wear and tear.

If the above does not resolve your problem, you can contact the Electric Tobacconist Customer Care Team by submitting a support ticket below.

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