Cue Vapor System stopped working

Is your Cue Kit faulty?

After charging your Cue fully (4 hours):

  • Be sure to rapidly click the button five times to turn it on.
  • The Cue will then blink back at you 4 times.
  • Insert pod, make sure it clicks. (read below for pod prep)
  • You must push the button while you are inhaling in order to create the vapor.
  • To turn off you also rapidly click the button five times and it will blink back four times.

Pod Preparation

After opening a fresh pod, be sure to remove the 4 pieces of silicon as shown below:

    1. Remove the silicon cover from the bottom of the pod

    2. Insert the cartridge at a slight angle. Make sure it clicks.

    3. Remove the rest of the silicon covers; from the mouthpiece and two airflow holes.

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