My Refillable Pod Kit (eg. CYNC, Boulder, Limitless Pulse, MyJet) tastes burnt

There are many possible reasons why you are experiencing a burnt taste. The first thing to check is that the pod is not empty; vaping on an empty pod will simply burn the wick resulting in a burnt taste. You can prevent the wick from burning by ensuring that the e-liquid is always topped-up, and never take a draw when it needs refilling.

You must also always ensure that you "prime" the coil before use; after filling, allow the liquid to settle for about 3-5 minutes so that the wicks absorb a good amount of e-liquid, take a couple of pulls on the pod without the battery connected to speed up the absorption. Also, avoid taking long drags. We recommend no longer than 5 seconds at a time to ensure that the wick doesn't dry out while it's in use. Follow the steps above and hopefully this should put an end to the burning taste you have been experiencing.

Please also consider that the pods for this type of kit are disposable and designed to work for only 2-3 weeks. After this time, the coil within them will either cease to operate correctly, burn out, or will produce a bad taste.

If you would like to purchase replacement pods for this kit, you can find our complete range of pod refills here.

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