My Von Erl Kit leaking/spitting liquid

Is your My Von Erl kit leaking or spilling liquid into your mouth on the inhale?

It sounds like you're experiencing "spitback," which is caused by pulling hard on the My Von Erl device. The liquid is pulled up on the inhale, and if it's coming through to your lips you're most likely inhaling deeper than the My Von Erl is designed for (Pulling hard causes the heater coil to malfunction, which is why the liquid is coming through instead of vapor).  To solve this, try a slower less forceful inhale. A lot of people who smoke or used to smoke cigarettes with filters have this issue, because they're used to a hard pull to draw in through the paper filter. You also want to draw into your mouth, rather than your lungs like you would with a cigarette, and hold it there about 4-5 seconds then inhale into your lungs or exhale it. Pulling into your mouth also will increase nicotine absorption. 

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