Navigating the Vaporesso Revenger/Target Menu

The menu of the Vaporesso Revenger/Target Box Mods can be accessed by pressing and holding the Option Button.

A long press toggles through the various output modes (VW (Variable Wattage), TC (Temperature Control: Ni/SS/Ti), M1, M2, Bypass) and the last entry is System Settings.

  • TC mode moves in 10°F increments or 5°C increments.
  • To toggle between F and C, simply increase the temperature to the max and keep going - it will roll over to the next unit.
  • M1 and M2 modes allow you to use a user-defined TCR curve. This can be defined with the Windows-only software available from Vaporesso's website.
  • Bypass mode allows you to apply direct voltage output from your batteries by bypassing the circuitry of the mod – much as you would with a mechanical mod (not recommended for beginners).

To access the system settings, press and hold the Option Button until "System Settings" appears on the screen. Then press the Option Button three times and you'll be presented with the following options, which can be scrolled through with a single press of the Option Button, and to select that setting, press and hold the Option Button.

  • VW mode: sets the strength of the draw (Normal, High, Soft - press and hold the Option Button to set your selection)
  • VT mode: sets the wattage for TC mode
  • Time Set: toggle the clock on and off as well as change the date and time
  • Default: reset the device to factory settings
  • Smart on/off: turn Smart mode on and off
  • Screen Timeout: define how long until the screen turns off
  • Exit: exit the menu

To upgrade the system firmware, please check the Vaporesso website for downloads and instructions.

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