My MyJet is not working

Need some My Jet Instructions?

Here are some solutions to frequently asked questions:

  • Does it need setting up?

The MyJet is very easy to set up. The first thing you should do is ensure it has had a good 1-1.5hr charge. Simply connect the supplied charger to the battery and plug into a USB port of a computer or wall adapter. The battery's LED will illuminate blue whilst charging, and switch off when charging has completed. Once charged, fill up an empty pod with e-liquid, re-attach the base and slide into the battery. When vaping, the LED on the battery will illuminate. There are no buttons to press and no settings to fiddle with - just vape and the draw-activated system will kick in.

  • Why is the pod leaking?

If the pod is leaking ensure that the base is fully attached to the bottom of the pod. Also make sure you haven't overfilled the pod; it should be filled to just below the center pipe making sure that no e-liquid gets down there else you risk e-liquid being sucked up which ends in your mouth. Also, make note of the age of your battery as a dying battery will be unable to vaporize the e-liquid to the same level it would when new, resulting in too much e-liquid being drawn into the coil that doesn't get vaporized, resulting in liquid being sucked up the center pipe. Batteries typically last for around 2 months before they start to under perform (this is normal behavior for a high drain e-cigarette battery).

  • It lights up as it should but nothing happens (no vapor is produced)

If the device lights up but nothing much else happens - this suggests that there's an issue with the pod. The light indicates that the battery's internal draw-activated system is working, but there could either be a connection problem between the pod and battery, or the coil within the pod has simply burnt out. The first thing to try is to clean the contacts on both the pod and the battery to ensure there's sufficient connection. If that doesn't help then the only other solution to this issue is to use a fresh pod. Pods are designed to last around 2 weeks before they need replacing. You can buy replacement, unfilled pods here.

  • When I plug it in to charge, what do the lights mean?

The LED indicator illuminates blue when charging and will turn off when fully charged. 

  • How do I know when the battery needs recharging?

As the battery depletes, the output voltage decreases. The LED on the battery will flash to indicate the battery level. Use the table below to determine the battery level of your MyJet:

Battery Level Light Condition
3.8V - 4.2V Stays Lit
3.65V - 3.8V Slowly Flashes
3.45V - 3.65V Moderately Flashes
3.0V - 3.45V Flashes in Frequency

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