My NJOY Vape Pen is not working

Having problems with your NJOY Vape Pen?

1. Is it turned on?

Most button-activated e-cigarettes need to be turned on - this is the first thing to check if you think you have a fault. To turn your battery on press the button five times quickly (within two seconds). The battery button should blink three times and upon being held down it should light-up. To turn the battery off click the button five times quickly (within two seconds). The battery button should blink 3 times and when being pressed it should no longer light up.

2. Is the battery charged?

Depending on the product you bought, your e-cigarette may not come fully charged. The second thing to check is that your e-cigarette has had a good four hours of charge. 

3. Is the button lighting up when pressed?

With a button-activated e-cigarette, the key to locating a fault lies with the battery button.

If you have checked that it is turned on and the button illuminates when pressed, then this usually indicates that the battery is fine and that your problem lies either in the connection to the clearomizer (tank/e-liquid chamber) or in the clearomizer itself.

If your battery is fully charged and is failing to turn on (ie the battery light simply doesn't illuminate no matter how many times you press it), it may have a fault.

4. Have you checked if the clearomizer is blocked?
Your e-cigarette will not work if any e-liquid has found its way down the narrow centre pipe of the clearomizer chamber. Even the most experienced of vapers experience this issue on a regular basis.
It's always a good idea to check for blockage in this pipe, so try the following remedy: unscrew the clearomizer, place a tissue where the battery was and blow into the mouthpiece a couple of times. If there was any e-liquid in the centre pipe this should remove most of it. Now screw it back on and try your e-cigarette again.

5. Have you checked the battery connection?
Ensure that the battery terminal and end of your clearomizer are clean and free of any residue. Using a q-tip or clean cloth is recommended.
If you've cleaned it and still think there might be a connection issue, try loosening the connection slightly. Over-tightening an e-cigarette can often result in the battery and clearomizer failing to connect properly.

6. When did you last change your clearomizer?
If you are confident your battery is on and working, and that the clearomizer is clear of blockage and cleanly connected to the battery, then it could simply be that your clearomizer (or the coil within it) needs changing.
Clearomizers last anywhere from 2-6 weeks but are very much consumable items. After a certain amount of use, the coil will burn out rendering it unusable (ie the e-cigarette will no longer produce any vapour since the coil will be unable to heat the liquid). After this time, you will need to buy a new coil (if your current clearomizer has a replaceable coil option), or a new clearomizer.

If after following and answering these questions your kit is still not fixed, please submit a support ticket.

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