I have a bad/empty cartridge

Does your new cartridge taste off or appear to be empty?

A lot of the time issues involving seemingly 'blank' or under-powered cartomizers are down to the battery. They can often make the cartridge taste bad or off. 

Over time the amount of power a battery can deliver will diminish. A dying battery will not be able to vaporize the liquid to the same level it did previously which may cause the weakness of flavor/nicotine you are experiencing. Due to minor differences between the coils in the cartridges, the battery may not be able to fire one cartomizer at all but can fire another one just fine. It is recommended to change your batteries every 2-3 months so if yours is older than this it may be time to purchase a new one. 

If after reading this, you still believe your cartomizers are faulty, please submit a ticket to our support team (and include an order number for your last battery purchase from us) and we will look into this further.

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