How do I see my order history?

To view your order history, firstly log in to your Electric Tobacconist account by clicking here.

Scroll down and you'll see "My Order History" on the right:

You'll then see the list of orders you have made with us complete with order reference numbers, dates and totals:

Order Dispatched - Orders marked as dispatched and highlighted in green are successful. You can click the "RE-ORDER" button to quickly assemble a new order with those same products for easier repeat-purchases.

Order Incomplete - An order that has been marked incomplete is an order that has been built and you've gone through at least one stage of the checkout process, but payment has not been made. Orders marked as incomplete cannot be deleted and will remain on your account, but rest assured that payment will never be taken unless you go through the checkout process yourself and make a payment (we never automatically take payments).

Payment Received/Payment Received from PayPal - This means your order has been received and has been sent to our warehouse team for preparation.

Order Cancelled - the order has been cancelled and refunded by our team.

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