Do you sell starter kits?

Yes we do! Click here to browse our full range of e-cigarette starter kits.

If you're looking for advice or a specific type of starter kit, please click the relevant link below:

  • Cigalikes - these resemble traditional cigarettes, and normally consist of a battery and a cartomizer (a pre-filled e-liquid chamber).

Image of a FIN Cool Menthol E-Cigarette Starter Kit

  • Vape Pens - pen-shaped e-cigarettes, normally made up of a battery and a refillable e-liquid tank.

Image of a Boulder Aspen Air Vape Pen Starter Kit

  • Pod Mods - a relatively new and extremely popular addition to the vape hardware market, these kits utilize cartomizer-style pods for ease of use. 

Image of a JUUL Pod Mod Vaporizer Starter Kit

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