How much nicotine is in VUSE refills?

The nicotine levels in VUSE products are as follows:

VUSE Vibe Pre-Filled Tanks: approx. 30mg/ml (3.0% nicotine by weight). The VUSE Vibe gives you a strong nicotine hit, and so is intended for ex-smokers who previously smoked more than a pack a day.  

Image of a VUSE Vibe Original Pre-filled Tank

VUSE Solo Cartridges: approx. 48mg/ml (4.8% nicotine by weight). The VUSE Solo is one of the strongest e-cigarettes available; some ex-heavy smokers find that this is the amount of nicotine they need to control their cravings. 

Image of a pack of VUSE Solo Menthol Cartridges

VUSE Ciro Cartridges: approx. 15mg/ml (1.5% nicotine by weight). Not as strong as the Vibe or the Solo refills, the VUSE Ciro's 1.5% NBW still gives you a powerful hit of nicotine when you feel you need it. You might find this is a good level of nicotine if you used to smoke around a pack or less a day.

Image of a pack of 3 VUSE Ciro Mint cartridges 

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