How do I charge my PHIX Vape Kit?

Charging your PHIX is simple: plug the USB into a USB port or, if using a wall charger, into a 0.5 - 1 amp adapter (a higher amp charger can damage the battery). Now click the base of the PHIX onto the other end of the magnetic charger and you're charging!

The PHIX takes about 45 minutes to charge on average, but can take as long as 2 hours depending on the charging source. A 0.5 - 1 amp adapter is the quickest charging source available.

While charging, the indicator light will be illuminated; when fully charged, the light will let you know by flashing 3 times before turning off. One charge should last you around 220 puffs; the PHIX's battery life will depend on use, but the battery is known for being long-lasting and for outperforming most comparable devices. A full charge will last, on average, a full day.

If your PHIX starter kit won't charge, click here for our advice and troubleshooting article on the topic.

Please note: the PHIX is not equipped with passthrough technology, so must not be used while charging.  

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