All you need to know about ET's partnership with Cue Vapor

Cue Vapor will not be going through the Premarket Tobacco Application process (the FDA review of e-cigarette products that determines whether they can be sold/marketed in the United States). As such, Cue products will no longer be available after May 11, 2020. The Cue website has been shut down as a result.

However, there's good news; Electric Tobacconist is now the exclusive retailer of all Cue Vapor products! To maintain the integrity of the Cue brand, we offer Cue products at the same great prices, along with rotating discounts & offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

I used to have a subscription with Cue - do you offer this?

No. We want you to get the best deal possible. A subscription service would not allow for discounts to be added to reoccurring orders.
To get your last purchased items quickly, please go to https://www.electrictobacconist.com/customer/orders/ and click "Reorder".

I placed an order with Cue before their site closed. Who do I contact about it?

Please contact Cue by calling 800-377-7709 or email support@cuevapor.com.

How long will I be able to order Cue?

Cue products will be available until May 11, 2020.

What Cue products do you offer?

You can find all available Cue products here.

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