I am having problems with your queue system

Due to high demand at this difficult time, we've introduced a queue system to help reduce excess stress on our workforce whilst we try our hardest to maintain the same high level of service you have come to expect from us. We continue to closely monitor the situation and are constantly making small adjustments where necessary.

Our queue system has a few limitations which may cause your position to reset. We understand this is frustrating, but there are a few very easy ways of working around this.

Common issues:

1. Wait time says X minutes, but it's WAY longer than this.

- This is because we have to estimate how long the people ahead of you will be on site for. Sadly we can only guess and if they take longer than expected, the expected wait time will appear wrong, or give you an estimated wait time that is not a reality. 

2. You get down to number X in the queue and then you get bumped to the end of the queue. 

- This is because if you leave the page, or go inactive for over five minutes, you get timed out. 

The easiest way around this is to use a desktop computer, stay on the page, and just be sure to move the cursor every couple of minutes to make sure you don't get timed out (ie you remain active in the queue). This stops people from queuing, leaving their screens for several hours and taking up a place in the queue.

Further notes: 

  • You'll need to access the site from your own Google search, email link or browser session. You cannot use a link provided by another person, as this will have a different 'ID' which won't match that of your device. If you do get moved to the back of the queue, try going directly to www.electrictobacconist.com; this will assign you the correct ID number.
  • Enable cookies if you haven't already. Similarly to the aforementioned reason, cookies need to be enabled for your device ID number to match up correctly. For this reason, please avoid using a private browsing window as these prevent any cookies being saved.
  • Our queue system works on 5 minute time-out criteria. This means that once you access the site, you'll need to continue browsing; if you're inactive for more than 3 minutes, you'll have to queue again.
  • Whilst in line, it's best to avoid switching your tab or app. If you were to reach the site during this time, you may have to re-queue again if the 3 minute cut off time elapses.

Tip: It's easiest not to get timed out on a desktop computer—keep the cursor active by moving it every 2–3 minutes.

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