My PHIX starter kit won't charge

The normal behavior for a PHIX after plugging it in is for a light to come on and stay on until the device is fully charged, this usually takes 45 minutes to one hour but can take up to 2 hours depending on the charging source (laptop, tablet, etc).

If your PHIX is not behaving as explained above please try the following: 

1. Try plugging the cartridge into the battery before charging

2. When you connect the battery to the charger, can you tell if the magnet inside is engaging? (You should feel a slight magnetic pull when you connect them)

3. Try the USB charger in a second or third USB charging slot, especially if the first USB outlet was a car charger.

If none of this helps please contact our customer care team here and we will get your PHIX returned and replaced, provided you bought the product from this website, not a physical store or another website. 

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