Which e-cigarette is most like my favorite cigarette?

Many ex-smokers, when making the switch to vaping, are looking for a taste and nicotine hit that recreates the experience of smoking the cigarettes they are used to. 


One option is cigalikes, or cigarette-style e-cigs. Cigalikes generally have similar dimensions to regular cigarettes, and are often available with medium to high nicotine content. For recent converts to e-cigarettes, this can be really helpful; if you used to smoke regular cigarettes, the nicotine strength of most cigalikes should be about the right amount to satisfy your cravings. One cigarette-style option is the FIN Rich Tobacco Starter Kit. Refills for the FIN Starter Kit come with a high nicotine strength (16mg or 1.6%) or very high (24mg or 2.4%), and are available in a range of flavors, including Rich Tobacco, Bold Tobacco, Menthol Bold and Cool Menthol. The 16mg strength is a great starting point for former pack-a-day smokers, while 24mg is best for formerly heavy smokers who need a strong throat hit of nicotine. Most cigalikes are available in both tobacco and menthol flavors, so both standard and menthol smokers will be able to find something for them. People who used to smoke very heavily might want to consider the VUSE Solo, which has refills available in 4.8% nicotine (48mg).

Vape Juice

Boulder American Blend Tobacco vape juice

Another option is to team a refillable vape pen with a tobacco-flavored vape juice. This can be a better long-term option if you're quitting smoking; it's often cheaper to keep yourself topped up with juice than it is to buy packs of cigalike refills, and, in addition, vape pen batteries are designed to last longer. Vape pen starter kits generally consist of a battery and a refillable tank for vape juice. Vape juice is the flavored liquid that you vaporize when you're vaping, and it comes in a huge range of options both in terms of flavor and nicotine strength. Tobacco-flavored juices come in all sorts of varieties:


PHIX Original Tobacco Pods

Pod mods are huge at the moment due to their unbelievable convenience and the fantastic vaping experience they provide. Rather than having to refill a vape juice tank, pod mods take pre-filled e-liquid pods which simply slot into your device with no hassle.

There are a range of great tobacco and menthol pods available with have a cigarette-like flavor; some contain nicotine salts, which give you all the satisfaction of a strong nicotine hit without the harsh scratchiness in your throat.

Some good pod options are: 

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