None of our products Vitamin E Acetate or Diacetyl

In 2019 there were some tragic cases of lung illness caused by illicit cannabis-containing vape products. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) tested the products causing the issues, they found Vitamin E acetate to be the culprit for all of the issues caused. Vitamin E acetate is not contained in any legal nicotine vapor products. It's a substance added to THC and marijuana products by drug dealers on the black market to mimic the appearance at a lower cost than actual THC (i.e. it is used as a cutting agent so these street dealers can make more profit).

Vitamin E is also oil-based, so it cannot physically be mixed with water-soluble nicotine e-cigarettes (because of the old oil & water deal).

Anti-vaping advocates continue to use this talking point to incite fear in people, without regard for the factual basis of the claim.

Due to safety concerns, diacetyl is also no longer used as an ingredient by any reputable e-liquid manufacturer. The Electric Tobacconist makes regular checks for this and does not work with manufacturers who use diacetyl as an ingredient. 

In summary: Electric Tobacconist does not and will never carry products that contain Vitamin E acetate or diacetyl.

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