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The best way to find your tracking information is within your "Your order has shipped" email. This is sent to you once your order is assigned a tracking number and leaves our carrier's warehouse (note: it first leaves our warehouse, then leaves the carrier warehouse a few days later). The link presented will take you to the most up to date details about your order - please note, due to this carrier's current abilities, it is not uncommon for infrequent tracking updates.

For a bit of insight into the route your package takes before it gets to you since the PACT Act's changes: it leaves our warehouse after being packed by our team, is picked up by the branch carrier, brought to a sorting facility in MO, transferred to the final mile carrier for local delivery, and then brought to you. If you're wondering why it's taking so much longer to get your products than before, this is why! We can confirm that we are working hard with our carrier to quicken this process wherever possible.

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