I am over 21, why was my ID denied?

All customers must be 21 or over (this includes military personnel).

There are a few possibilities for why your ID may have been declined.

If you are a resident in any of the states that require dual verification, then your ID may have been declined because:

  • the first and/or last name you provided on our site does not match the name on your ID.
  • the date of birth you provided on our site does not match the date of birth on your ID.
  • any information you provided on your age-verification application does not match the information on your ID or the details you gave on our site.
  • you have included a middle name on one form and omitted it on another.
  • your email address associated with your Electric Tobacconist account does not match the email address given with your ID application.

If you are not in a dual verification state and did not upload your ID, but still found that you have failed verification: the information that you have provided to our third-party verification system did not correspond to the information associated with your most recent government-issued documentation.

We take age verification very seriously, so if your information does not appear to match up, you will fail our age-verification process. In accordance with the PACT Act legislation, we are no longer able to take manual action in getting accounts verified.

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