My order looks like it hasn't shipped and is not moving

In consequence of the PACT Act, we are no longer able to ship with USPS; FedEx, DHL, and all other major shipping companies have decided to make congruent policies surrounding the prohibition of shipping nicotine products. As such, we are now reliant on two private carriers that make compliant deliveries. The only provider available in your region at this time is X Delivery. We ask that you please check out our Shipping FAQ page for more information.

Since our carriers don't have the same infrastructure as the Postal Service your package may take unusual routes as it is passed through a network of carriers rather than directly to a local distribution center. We have also seen slightly longer transit times as well as occasional delays in tracking updates. 

We are working with them to improve communication and notify you of delivery time windows, and we will keep you updated as we make progress.  

Please be advised that we are waiting 30 days for an X Delivery reshipment/refund and 14 days for Ground Carrier orders. All packages are guaranteed to arrive, or will be refunded.

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